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A Progressive Promise for America

The Wayne Besen Show is based on advancing a set of core principles that I refer to as, "A Progressive Promise for America." Each day, I strive to advance these issues to make America a more perfect union and a nation that lives up to its lofty ideals. 

A “Progressive Promise to America” offers:

• Comprehensive immigration reform

• Declare Election Day a national holiday, as well as roll back attempts at GOP voter suppression, such as voter ID laws and crosscheck, in the states

• Sweeping transformation to help end racial disparities in the criminal justice system and society

• A national LGBT rights bill that prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, the military, and public accommodations

• Ensure a woman’s right to choose

• Equal opportunities for women including equal pay for equal work

• End the disastrous War on Drugs. National legalization and taxation of marijuana

• Affordable college for all students

• Medicare for all Americans

• Revitalize America’s crumbling infrastructure, which would protect lives and create jobs

• Strengthen unions to return power to workers and rejuvenate the middle class

• Abolish or renegotiate trade deals that send American jobs overseas and depress wages at home

• Raise the national minimum wage to at least $15 an hour

• The fastest high speed rail in the world connecting major urban centers

• Strengthen consumer protections against predatory behavior from unscrupulous businesses


• Climate Change: Break our addiction to fossil fuels and lead the world in creating innovative solutions with a revolution in clean energy

• Commit to leading the world in science, technology, and innovation

• Appoint judges to overturn Citizens United and stop special interests from flooding politics with money to buy elections

• Reform Wall Street to ensure markets are truly free and fair and operate for the public good instead of private greed

• Ensure that America continues to have the strongest, most modern military in the world, as well as zealously defend our nation against terrorism. However, the military should avoid foreign adventurism that needlessly costs America in blood and treasure, while degrading our standing in the world. We should also not squander resources on maintaining a sprawling military industrial complex designed more to enrich defense contractors than protect our national interests